Welcome to Digitally Disruptive


Who am I? I’m a humanist and a technologist having worked for several decades with electronic systems of most shapes and forms: from wielding a soldering iron and cutting coding for fun to the implementation of enterprise systems, technology and business consulting. You can read more about my professional life on my LinkedIn page and my background in the first article on this site.

Why “disruptive digital strategy and capability”? We exist today in a time when all of human knowledge is available to us electronically, from the Guttenberg printing press which revolutionized and democratised access to ideas, with caveats like being able to read and afford the printed works, to today where the Internet proffers free courses from leading universities to freely accessible discussions about the structure of our universe. We truly live in a time of great wonder, of great possibilities limited only by our imagination. Why is this “disruptive”? Revolutions are disruptive, they enable and catalyse change, they create new opportunities for those who act. With the digital revolution now entangled in the very fabric of our lives permeating most facets of our existence, is the story over? Is everything done? Is there nothing new under the sun? This is where capability and strategy intersect, where we imprint our will, where we create new opportunities from electrons, from ideas, from thoughts. The digital space arguably doesn’t exist in space or time: we can’t touch, taste, feel or smell the essence of our electronic constructs. Are these constructs complete? No. What will come next? What will be The Next Big Thing? Are we in a building out phase, where the ground work has been laid and now the construction commences, the hoardings go up or is there more to this? And what will we make of this new tower of Babel and what will you make of this time, this time that you have now?

This site will hope to explore this and more.